Aravaipa Venture Fund (AVF1)

The First Early-Stage Impact Technology in Colorado Fund

Impact Technology: AVF1 focuses on companies that create disruptive technology with a global environmental impact. Each of these disruptive Impact Technologies has global impact potential through the internationalization uniquely available to technology plays.

Pragmatic Early Stage: AVF1 is in the business of Company Building. AVF1 invests in early-stage companies who are already generating revenues or expect to do so rapidly.

AVF1 does not seek homeruns, but rather companies that have a strong likelihood of becoming very profitable $20-to-$200M sales companies.

  • $26 million
  • $100 million in Sidecar
  • 15-year duration
  • Invested in 11 companies
  • Colorado only
  • Launched in 2008

Only in Colorado: AVF1’s tight geographic focus ensures that the Management Team works regularly and effectively with portfolio companies. Aravaipa Managers regularly take on operational roles in portfolio companies. This has also enabled a strong syndicate of local co-investors and Colorado State support. Surprisingly there are ample opportunities in Colorado given that it is a leading US entrepreneurial region with strong cleantech institutions (NREL, CU, CSU and School of Mines).

Patient Capital: AVF1 is a 15-year fund that acknowledges that truly disruptive Impact Technology can rarely be achieved overnight.